Government & Philanthropy Partnerships 



Equal Innovation’s Suite Of Services Are Designed To Plan, Achieve And Maximize Impact

At Equal Innovation, we believe that collaboration with government and philanthropic organizations is vital to address important global challenges and drive impactful change. Our mission is to activate a global network, identify innovative solutions, and display startups that can make a difference in shaping a better future for all.


  • Access to a Global Network: Our extensive global network includes over 5,500 innovation centres and startup accelerators. By partnering with Equal Innovation, government and philanthropic organizations gain access to a diverse pool of startups aligned with their objectives. 
  • Aligned with UN SDGs: We are dedicated to identifying innovations and entrepreneurs addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our scouting process focuses on startups that can contribute to eliminating poverty, addressing climate change, promoting gender equity, and achieving other vital SDGs. 
  • Success Stories: Equal Innovation has a track record of successful partnerships with governments and philanthropic organizations. Through our collaborative efforts, we have facilitated significant contributions to various initiatives, including climate change, inclusive economies, and health. 

How Can We Collaborate?

  • Strategic Planning & Advisory: Partner with us to develop effective strategies and policies for driving economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. Our team of experts can assist in aligning your objectives with innovative solutions and creating a roadmap to success. 
  • Program Evaluation & Impact Measurement: Evaluate the success and impact of your initiatives in diverse sectors, from education to health care, and align them with the Sustainable Development Goals. Our evaluation process ensures data-driven insights for optimizing your programs. 
  • Thought Leadership & Advocacy: Leverage our networks and expertise to advocate effectively on global platforms, influencing policies and promoting innovation-driven agendas. Our thought leadership can amplify your organization's voice and impact. 

Examples of Successful Partnerships:

  • G20 Summit Collaboration: Equal Innovation partnered with the G20 Group of Nations to identify and display startups directly addressing key topics on the G20 Summit agenda, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), climate change, and pandemic preparedness. This collaboration provided startups with unparalleled exposure to world leaders and leading investors. 
  • United Nations SDG Initiative: Equal Innovation collaborated with the United Nations to scout and host startups aligned with the SDGs for the UN General Assembly and UN Global Compact. These startups played a crucial role in advancing the goals of the UN and promoting sustainable development. 
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