Portfolio of Services

Equal Innovation’s suite of services are designed to plan, achieve and maximize impact

Measurement & Impact Evaluation

The societal development work of NGOs, foundations, philanthropy and government is complicated, long-term and fraught with obstacles.  Analyzing the success or failure of this work requires a deep understanding of the multiple factors, organizations, policies and people involved.   In addition, the globalization of social development, along with the rapid adoption of technology, adds topics like innovation, scalability and organizational models to traditional measurement, evaluation and impact. 

The Social Performance Management System©, developed by Equal Innovation, is a theory of change that combines the traditional aspects of program measurement and evaluation with new factors, including innovation, organizational capacity and scalability.  It is a system of analysis that has been used on over 300 program grants over the last decade in sectors as diverse as agriculture, education, health and financial services.    Equal Innovation uses the Social Performance Management System to understand the organization and programs it is measuring and to develop an in-depth roadmap for the funder, implementer and partners to grow the program together.

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Equal Innovation assisted the Mphasis F1 Foundation to evaluate a flagship skilling program to better understand the successes and failures of the partner and the program.  Using SPMS, Equal Innovation made it recommendations to Mphasis about future grant making, its partnerships and a strategy to undertake.

Fundraising and Support Strategies

Beyond providing high quality services to the underserved, one of the key requirements of NGOs and foundations is philanthropic capital. Equal Innovation is a leading provider of fundraising consulting and support services to organizations in their fundraising. We provide strategic analysis and planning, direct fundraising support, and support global fundraising in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Equal Innovation provides assistance to NGOs, philanthropies, foundations and corporations to achieve the following:

Retail Fundraising

Develop and implement plans to raise small amounts of money from thousands and millions of people to be used as growth capital and to sustain important programs. We assist with social media campaigns, crowdfunding, events and multi-media outreach efforts.

Raising institutional funds

Assist organizations to raise funds from institutions around the world, including corporations, private philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments and high net worth families. We assist with fundraising research, proposal development and grant implementation

Earned Income Strategies

We collaborate with NGOs and philanthropies to develop and implement products and services that can provide earned income to the organization. These may include consulting services, selling products to the base of the pyramid and middle-class citizens, and creating social enterprises.

Equal Innovation is working with the Desai Foundation in South Gujarat to build the capacity at each of their sites to fundraise locally and to develop strategies to fundraise from India’s CSR and philanthropic organizations working in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Equal Innovation is working with the Wockhardt Foundation to fundraise in support of its Mobile 1000 initiative to operate several hundred mobile health centers that provide roving health care services across rural India.  Equal Innovation is particularly focused on raising funds in North America for Wockhardt Foundation through NRI’s (non-resident Indians) and American corporations. 

Equal Innovation provided the UN Department of Political Affairs with a fundraising strategy to engage with private philanthropy to secure funding commitments during times of crisis and conflict. Equal Innovation analyzed the giving habits of the world’s major philanthropists and foundations and delivered an insightful and actionable strategy.


Equal Innovation provides strategy and advisory services to the philanthropic and development sector around the world. We conduct research and formulate strategy for large foundations, NGOs, corporate foundations and CSR; and corporations looking to serve emerging markets. In the past, Equal Innovation has worked closely with leading foundations, corporations and governments to provide strategic advisory services around innovation, entrepreneurship, scale up strategies, product development and fundraising.


Equal Innovation worked with the World Bank to develop its strategy to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Middle East, with an emphasis on the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and their regional development programs.  Equal Innovation created and managed a regional framework, through a program called Startup Kuwait, that became the fastest growing entrepreneurship program in the region.

Equal Innovation provided strategy to the US Agency for International Development for the development of its innovation and entrepreneurship programs worldwide.  In addition, we worked closely with USAID through our collaboration with Calvert Foundation, to develop an impact investment crowdfunding program to connect Americans with social enterprise opportunities in India.

Equal Innovation worked with the UN DPA’s Middle East & West Asia office on a policy document to enable the UN to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in West Asia (spanning 18 countries). The report looked at each country’s innovation indicators, their startup ecosystems, and the level of innovation deployed. The policy recommendations were geared towards actions that would enable West Asian nations to transition to innovation driven economies while being cognizant of social impact of such changes.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Equal Innovation partnered with the Calvert Foundation in 2015 to launch the Indian American Investment Initiative, which raised $10 million for social enterprise in India.  The first of its kind, the Investment Initiative was a crowdfunding vehicle for NRIs to invest capital that was then lent to Indian investment funds focused on social enterprise.  The model is now being replicated by the Calvert Foundation with USAID in other parts of the world.