India CSR Report

India’s CSR - Taking Singles Instead of Hitting Sixes

Our latest report is an analysis of philanthropy in India based on feedback from 39 leaders of some of the world’s largest NGOs.

In it we provide recommendations and feedback from leading NGOs about practices they would like to see India’s philanthropists embrace.  They include:


Moving beyond the cheque - building deeper partnerships between NGOs & Donor Organisations


Leveraging core competencies via CSR to improve NGO management and increase efficiency


Focus on impact - CSR departments and philanthropy should have long-term strategies to scale programs and increase their impact

Best Practices

3 exclusive case-studies on how philanthropy has partnered with NGOs to build capacity and maximise impact

We want your feedback

The report contains insights and case studies to improve philanthropy in India. We urge you to download the report and share your thoughts with us via email or twitter.

Download the full report