Equal Innovation is a global organization connected to several thousand innovation and entrepreneurship centers worldwide.

We provide customized research, trends analysis and network access to corporations, philanthropy, investors and government agencies.  Through our relationships with universities, accelerators, research labs, hospitals and research institutes worldwide, we provide our clients and partners with the most current insights into ground-breaking research, emerging startups and vibrant innovation ecosystems to complement their own innovation programs.

Leading research university technology transfer, entrepreneurship programs and proof of concept centers

Startup accelerators with regional or vertical-based approach

Government-funded national research labs in the United States, Europe and India

Non-profit research institutions, including hospitals, private research institutes and industry associations

Venture development organizations supporting startups in specific regions

Customized Research

Recently, a major American investment fund partnered with Equal Innovation to identify leading artificial intelligence driven startups in the education sector. 

Through our customized research platform and standards-based rankings, Equal Innovation provides the client with a list of the top startups in this space, including those with the best technology, as well as those that have made the most progress with clients in the education sector. 

Trends Analysis

Through our vast network of partners, Equal Innovation conducts trends research and analysis for its clients and partners.  It can identify how approaches to developing technology and acquiring customers are changing with great agility and insight.  

We have conducted trends analysis in sectors as diverse as life sciences, agriculture, information technology, the ocean economy, tourism, emergency services modernization, digital transformation, workforce, entrepreneurship, and advanced manufacturing. 

"March Forward": The Accelerator for Innovation + Philanthropy

Compendium of Insights

Equal Innovation has created a compendium of insights from the March Forward webinar series that was conducted between March 1st & April 12th, 2017. The webinars featured Worldwide Innovation Leaders in Business and Philanthropy including Dr. Desh Deshpande, Dr. Gopika Kannan, Anup Akkihal, Nikhil Kumar, Parvathi Menon and Ashok Kamath. Below are the main themes that came out of the webinars on inovation in philanthropy:

Structure the Unstructred

Innovation doesn't happen by accident, it requires having a game plan and the right team.

Start with Relevance

 It is imperative to solve a real need, when working at the bottom of the pyramid, Technology is just a means to an end

Co-Creation & Partnerships

 Innovation rarely happens in a silo, it is a collaborative and creative effort with external stakeholders

Leadership Commitment

Given the outcome is a new and unknown variable, there needs to be constant support for the innovation process

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