Equal Innovation Is A Global Organization Connected To Several Thousand Innovation And Entrepreneurship Centers Worldwide

2500 Centers

Equal Innovation has a mission to facilitate impact through innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. We partner with organizations worldwide to connect innovations and entrepreneurs to the resources they need to succeed. We have a network of 2500 innovation centers, startup accelerators, hospitals, and research labs to scout, identify and commercialize innovation. Equal Innovation also manages entrepreneurship and accelerator programs, operates innovation programs and provides strategic insights about innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization to large organizations.



Customized Research

Recently, a major American investment fund partnered with Equal Innovation to identify leading artificial intelligence driven startups in the education sector.  Through our customized research platform and standards-based rankings, Equal Innovation provides the client with a list of the top startups in this space, including those with the best technology, as well as those that have made the most progress with clients in the education sector.

Trends Analysis

We have conducted trends analysis in sectors as diverse as life sciences, agriculture, information technology, the ocean economy, tourism, emergency services modernization, digital transformation, workforce, entrepreneurship, and advanced manufacturing.