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"We believe that innovation and entrepreneurs are
everywhere.   And that every idea deserves a chance."
Founded by global thought leaders, Equal Innovation collaborates with organizations worldwide to connect innovations and entrepreneurs with the resources they need.
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Through our relationships with universities, accelerators, research labs, hospitals and research institutes worldwide, we provide our partners with the most current insights into ground-breaking research, emerging startups and vibrant innovation ecosystems to complement their own innovation programs.

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Startup Analysis

A key part of the platform is a standards-based rating system for the innovators and startups. There is often significant difference between an academic researcher with a prototype in her lab and the startup that has raised funds and serves paying customers. Today, there is no way for investors, corporations or large hospitals to know which technology or startup is best suited for their level of investment or resources.



Through our customized research platform and standards-based rankings, Equal Innovation provides the best recommendations for organizations seeking to deploy the latest technology, products or services in their fields.

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Embracing Innovation

Equal Innovation partners with large organizations to design and manage accelerators, entrepreneurship programs and proof of concept centers. Over the decade, there has been a revolution in the way that innovative ideas, technology and research go from the field or lab into the global market. The world is embracing innovation and entrepreneurship as the means by which economic value is created and lingering problems in society are solved..


Practical Experience

With over 20 years of experience helping launch and run entrepreneurship programs, the team at Equal Innovation works closely with its partners to create unique innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization programs that identify innovation, conduct proof of concept initiatives and create pathways for the rollout and scale of new technology and innovation in the enterprise..

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Diverse Industries

Equal Innovation has experience with accelerator management across multiple emerging sectors including tech startups, base-of-the-pyramid innovation, academic research commercialization, impact sourcing, social entrepreneurship, public policy innovation, and international development.

Nonprofit Innovation

Strategic Consulting

Equal Innovation consults with organizations worldwide in the areas of strategic planning, program development and management, measurement and evaluation, thought-leadership and advocacy and leadership development.  

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Measurement & Evaluation

Equal Innovation has worked with foundations, companies and large NGOs to evaluate their programs in areas as diverse as education, heath care, fundraising, innovation and mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals.  We have a unique evaluation model focused on growth and impact.


Thought Leadership

Equal Innovation has also helped its partners to advocate effectively through thought-leadership in the media and at global forums such as the UN General Assembly and World Economic Forum. Through its networks, Equal Innovation reaches mainstream and targeted media, key leaders in multilateral organizations and executives in the Fortune 500, Big Philanthropy and governments worldwide.

Latest News

Move Your Ideas From Lab To Market To Maximize Impact

August 2, 2021

A strong system to commercialize research is one of the great advantages available to American scientists and inventors. The U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1787, included a clause for the creation and operation of a patent office so that inventors could control their intellectual property and work with the private sector to create great products and services. This astounding system produced effective vaccines for Covid-19 less than one year after the virus first appeared.  The commercialization of research conducted by scientists occurs through a process called technology transfer. Scientists, often based at universities, academic hospitals and private research labs, conduct scientific research. Traditionally, they will publish the findings of their research in prestigious journals, secure more grant funding and continue on. 

Why The Present And Future Of America’s Infrastructure Lies In Eastport, ME

June 24, 2021

Eastport, ME is the deepest port in the continental United States. It is the closest American port to Europe, and if climate change continues, maybe to Asia. It is where we can learn how to use the ocean as a renewable and reliable energy source for Americans and the world. But it is also one of the poorest parts of the Eastern United States, without highways, rails or an economic strategy to connect it to the rest of the Northeast.  Every few years, someone writes an article about Eastport, ME – usually incredulous that the United States has such an underdeveloped physical asset so close to the bustling East Coast. In addition to the port and the possibility of renewal energy, it is, after all, also part of Vacationland – just a few hours north of Acadia National Park and million-dollar coastal vacation homes. Unfortunately, the timing, financing and strategic planning have never come together to develop the region to its potential.  

Why The World Still Needs Innovative Covid-19 Solutions Beyond Vaccines

April 24, 2021

Covid-19 is raining down its fury on India in a way the world hasn’t seen before. The country has averaged about 300,000 cases daily for nearly 2 weeks now. Oxygen is running low; crematoriums are overwhelmed, and the government has been slow to mobilize global allies and its +28 million diaspora effectively. In the short-term, Indians seem to have forgotten they live in areas that don’t yet have herd immunity or a largely vaccinated population. India did not do enough over the last fourteen months to prepare adequately for variants of the virus, or to learn from the multiple waves of the virus that slammed other nations. 

Long-term, this crisis is a reflection of India’s chronic underinvestment in healthcare. According to its own data, India spends less than 3% of GDP on healthcare—the lowest among OECD nations.

What’s ‘A World Without Email’ For The Entrepreneur And Small Businessperson?

March 9, 2021

NR Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, one of the world’s largest technology companies, once told me that the key to building a successful organization was to find one thing you do really well and keep doing it well over and over again. Another leading American tech entrepreneur told me that if I was focused, there was a lot I could get done in 8 hours a day. And every aspiring entrepreneur has been advised to stay very focused in their early days. Focus is paramount for building and delivering an excellent product. But one of the great paradigm shifts over the last decade has been the drastic reduction in the cost of launching and operating a business. The Founders Institute estimates that with the combination of cloud computing, mobile solutions, crowdfunding and social media, a startup can launch for just $1500 and grow quite large without requiring outside investors or strategic partners

Why Biden’s Committment to Science and Facts Needs To Be Adopted By More States

February 3, 2021

Net job creation in the United States for the last 30 years has come from high-growth startup companies introducing new technologies and scientific discoveries. These startups are borne of science, fact, verified data and millions of hours of effort by real people.  The most recent PwC Moneytree/CB Insights Report, released just a few weeks ago, confirms the overwhelming dominance of a few states as home to America’s startups, venture capital and innovation. Even with high profile departures, 74% of venture capital in America still went to California, New York, and Massachusetts in 2020. Of the top ten tech hubs, as measured by both startup deals and dollars invested, Miami is the only non-traditional city to make the list, and given its location and ties to the Northeast, Miami doesn’t really qualify as “flyover country”.


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