Media Appearances

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Television Appearances

​Carnie Mellon University Symposium – Is a new model Emerging

CLO: Chief Learning Officer Summit India: Prof C. K. Prahalad Memorial Lecture: Mr. Nishith Acharya, Former Presidential Appointee in the Barack Obama Administration as Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CLO Summit India

​NDTV [9.24.19] Donald Trump Offers Mediation Between India, Pak:

Rajya Sabha TV [1.20.18] – One Year of President Trump

Rajya Sabha TV [12.20.17] – India’s Diaspora Power

Rajya Sabha TV [11.27.17] – Global Entrepreneurship Summit 

Interview with Business Radio Malaysia 

Nish Acharya on Indian Standard Time​

CNBC [9.15.15]: Awaaz: Analysis of Modi Visit to Silicon Valley (in Hindi)

CNBC [1.26.15]: Awaaz: Analysis of Obama Visit to New Delhi (in Hindi)

NDTV [1.26.15]: Vikram Chandra Show: Analysis of Obama Visit to New Delhi

Bloomberg [1.25.15]: Obama’s India Visit: All Eyes On Nuke, Defence Deals

Bloomberg {1.25.15} Nish Acharya on Obama’s Visit to India

Bloomberg [1.21.2015]: – What U.S. Companies seek

Bloomberg [10.2014]: Analysis of Modi Visit to New York

NDTV [10.2014]: Barka Dutt Show: Analysis of Modi Visit to New York

CNBC Bazaar [10.2014]: Gujarati Language Analysis of Modi Visit to New York

Bloomberg [10.1.14]: Analysis of Narendra Modi’s 2014 New York Visit

News Articles

Forbes (19 Sept ’19) Today’s Social Entrepreneur: Inspired By Gandhi, Taught By Prahalad, Leading Like Yunus

Forbes (23 June ’19) Why Ed Tech Is Finally Reaching Its Potential​

​Forbes (31 May ’19) Why Corporate America Finally Embraced Silicon Valley

Forbes (5 May ’19) Small Business Are Having A Bigger Impact On Job Creation Than Large Corporations

Forbes (14 March ’19) A Progressive Agenda For Entrepreneurship And Job Creation in America

Forbes (5 Jan ’19) An Agenda For The 116th Congress: Move Faster Than the Speed of Technology

Forbes (5 Oct ’18) We Still Need Career And Technical Education – Even With 3.7% Unemployment

Forbes (23 Sept ’18) The Top 10 Entrepreneurs at the UN General Assembly

Forbes (13 Sept ’18) How Habitat For Humanity Built A Billion Dollar Organization On Integrity & Innovation

Forbes (2 June ’18) How Unscaled Companies Are Rewriting The Rules Of Business And Policy

Forbes (1 May ’18) Launching Today…The Institute for Blockchain Innovation

Forbes (28 April ’18) Can The Research Industry Adjust To The Convergence Of Industries?

Forbes (8 Mar ’18) Paul Newman’s Social Enterprise Now Provides Clean Water To Nearly 1 Million People

Forbes (10 Nov ’17) Wyoming Joins the Innovation and Startup Train

Forbes (31 Oct ’17) Is the United States Ranked in the Top 5 for Doing Business?

Two new bills in the US Congress promise to end the decades-long wait for green cards

The Wire (8 Jun ’18) Innovation Holds The Key to Successful Poverty Alleviation in India

Forbes (8 Jul ’17) America Needs More Technically Skilled Workers. The U.S. House Just Did Its Part

Forbes (23 May ’17) Trump Budget Likely To Push More Startups To ‘Elite’ Coasts

Forbes (16 Feb ’17) Mr. President: The Office Of Science & Technology Policy Is Important​​​

The Wire (26 Jan’17) Here is What India Must Do to Drive Bilateral Relations With the US Under Trump

American Bazaar ( 11 Nov’16) The US and India should build rampways for India’s development

The American Bazaar (11 Nov’16) US-India relations under Trump and Modi: Areas where ties can surge

Forbes [19 Jan ’17] The Women’s March After Trump’s Inauguration Is A Perfect Example Of Social Entrepreneurship

Forbes [20 Dec ’16] Entrepreneurs Worldwide See Pivot To China, Turn Away From Protectionist Trump

Forbes [1 Dec ’16] President Obama’s Top 10 Actions To Accelerate Entrepreneurship

American Bazaar [16 Nov ’16] US-India Relations under Modi and Trump

Forbes [12 Nov ’16] Entrepreneurs Should Ignore Trump And Focus On Global Challenges

Forbes [17 May ’16] How MIT Is Teaching Regions Around The World To Unlock Their Entrepreneurial Potential

Forbes [3 May ’16] Want To Serve The World’s Poorest Citizens? Take Your Company Public In India

Forbes [28 Mar ’16] Why Doesn’t India Take Advantage of Its Deep Roots with the Silicon Valley?

Forbes [06 Nov ’15] Where the TPP Misses the Mark for Small Business and Entrepreneurs 

Medium (4 Nov ’15) The Diaspora Dividend

Forbes [21 Oct ’15]: The Results of the First Ever Study Of Accelerator Best Practices

Economic Times [10 Oct ’15]: New initiative encouraging Indian diaspora to invest launched

Gateway House [8 Oct ’15]: Dialing up the Diaspora: Modi Act II

Calvert Foundation [05 Oct ’15]: Modi Energizes the Diaspora to Contribute Back Home

Gateway House [27 Sep ’15]: The Outcomes of Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley

Forbes [25 Sep ’15]: U.S Treasury Announce Major Rule Changes To Support Global Entrepreneurs And Impact Investment

Gateway House [27 Sep ’15]: What can Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley mean for Digital India

American Bazaar [5 Aug ’15]: Policy expert Nish Acharya’s book that envisions $1 trillion US-India trade by 2030 launched in Bengaluru

Indiaspora [16 Jul ’15]: Calvert’s India Investment Initiative

Forbes [18 Jun 15]: Why TPP Is Good For America Today, But Probably Not Tomorrow

Calvert Foundation [8 Jun ’15]: India Investment Initiative Gains Momentum at TiECON

Forbes [4 Apr ’15]: Get to Long Beach This Weekend: Formula E Racing, Greens and Glamor

Forbes [28 Mar ’15]: Did The SEC Just Kill Early Stage Venture Capital?

Forbes [7 Mar ’15]: How The UN Plans To Use Innovation And Entrepreneurship For Sustainable Development

Forbes [10 feb ’15]: Silicon Gulf? Kuwait Moves Beyond Oil To Nurture Entrepreneurs

Economic Times [1 Feb ’15]: Why Indian-American entrepreneurs are betting on opportunities in India

Al Jazeera [1 Feb ’15]: Modi looks to boost US ties amid ‘Make in India’ manufacturing bid

Forbes [9 Jan ’15] Why The Consumer Electronics Show Needs More American Entrepreneurs

Forbes [18 Dec ’14]: Bidding For The Games: How America Would Lean On Local Business To Disrupt The 2024 Olympics

Forbes [6 Nov ’14]: Why Congress Should Watch And Learn From America’s Entrepreneurs

Forbes [02 Oct 14]: Climate Change: How U.S. Entrepreneurs Can Lead The Way

Indiaspora [24 Sep ’14]: Narendra Modi’s US Visit – Nothing Short of Transformational

Economic Times of India [22 Sep ’14]: India-US partnership: $1 trillion by 2030?

Forbes [29 Jul ’14]: The Sustainable Development Goals Draft Looks Like A Business Plan From 1999

Forbes [24 Jun ’14]: Finding The Next Zuckerberg In Lawrence, MA

Forbes [12 Jun ’14]: New SBA Administrator Lays Out Priorities: Emphasize Business, Not Administration

Forbes [2 Jun’ 14]: Made in Motown, Via Silicon Valley

Forbes [22 May ’14]: Look Out Silicon Valley…America is Catching Up

Forbes [22 Apr ’14]: Impact Sourcing: An Opportunity That Actually Needs To Have Impact

Forbes [25 Mar ’14]: New Orleans Has 5000 Entrepreneurs And The Largest Crowdfunding Event In The World

Forbes [19 Mar ’14]: Does Government Need To Be Your Lead Investor?

Forbes [4 Mar ’14]: Tata’s Innovista: Spanning The Globe to Bring You A Constant Variety of Innovation

Forbes [Feb 11 ’14]: How The US Government Is Driving Innovation In Financial Services

Forbes [29 Jan ’14]: What The State Of The Union Speech Means For Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Forbes [29 Jan ’14]: The Largest Entrepreneurship Conference You Have Never Heard Of

Forbes [15 Jan ’14]: How IIT Gandhinagar Is Disrupting Higher Education in India

Forbes [18 Dec ’13]: Meet the New Entrepreneur, Same as the Old Entrepreneur

Forbes [5 Dec ’13]: How Amazon’s Drone Will Transform Government

Forbes [26 Nov ’13]: FreshPaper: The Only Thing Lean About Your Thanksgiving

Forbes [19 Nov ’13]: Mass Challenge’s Million-Dollar Bet On The Future Of America

Forbes [12 Nov ’13]: You’ll Never Guess Where The New Centers Of Innovation Are

Forbes [8 Oct ’13]: Why Shutdowns and Sequesters Are Strangling Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Indiaspora [19 Sep ’13]: The United States and India: A Relationship fueled by its people

Economic Times of India [28 Dec ’13]: Mumbai-Bangalore corridor: A roadmap to boost India’s economic prosperity

White House [5 Nov ’13]: Startup Culture Flourishes on America’s College Campuses

U.S. Department of Commerce: The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University Report


March 1 – Organizing for Impact
Parvathi Menon

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March 8 – Breakthrough Innovation for NGOs
Ashok Kamath

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March 15 – Philanthropy as a leading funder of innovation
Dr. Desh deshpande

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